Shareek (2015) 720p DVDRip
Shareek poster Rating: 7.5/10 (294 votes)
Director: Navaniat Singh
Writer: Surmeet Maavi (dialogue), Dheeraj Rattan
Stars: Mukul Dev, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gugu Gill, Mahie Gill
Runtime: 137 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama, Family
Released: 22 Oct 2015
Plot: The word 'Shareek' may refer to 'sharing' in dictionary but in Punjab it had always been opposite to it. As time flies, one doesn't even notice that how and when the brothers become the enemies of each other. Brothers are brothers and their children become cousins. But for the feudal society of Punjab, the word 'cousins' stands for 'shareeks' and 'shareeks' stand for 'enemies'. Just for the ownership of a piece of a land the cousins would wage a ruthless war between themselves. For centuries, this phenomenon has taken its toll and it has never stopped. The film 'Shareek', with all the emotion, romance, thrill and action, addresses this menace strongly, although in the undercurrent.

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Drama, Family, Punjabi Movies